ERTICO Partner, Kapsch TrafficCom and tolltickets GmbH expand their services across the continent with Kapsch TrafficCom acquiring the remaining 35% interest in the German toll services provider tolltickets. Since July 2016, Kapsch has been holding a 65% stake in tolltickets GmbH.

“With the combination of the unique experience of Kapsch TrafficCom as a pioneer and technology leader in electronic toll collection and the know-how of tolltickets in delivering tolling services, we have been paving the way for an interoperable tolling service offering across Europe for over four years,” says Georg Kapsch, Chief Executive Officer of Kapsch TrafficCom.

A Western Europe connection covering the entire highway network of France, Spain and Portugal as well as some tunnels and bridges is now in place. In Central and Eastern Europe, tolltickets is a pioneer in providing tolling services for heavy-goods vehicles in Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria. The addition of Germany to this list represents an important milestone on the way to providing full coverage of European corridors and delivering a unique customer experience. Belgium, Norway, Denmark and Sweden will follow.

In an important step forward on the way to expanding the services in Europe, tolltickets have successfully completed the so-called Compliance Checking Communication (CCC) in accordance with the specifications of the German Federal Office for Freight Transport (BAG). This confirms the prescribed functionality of the Kapsch on-board unit and clears the way for the following test phases. Passing these tests will ultimately allow Kapsch TrafficCom to offer toll services in Germany.

The European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) supplements the national electronic tolling systems of Member States and simplifies cross-border mobility for road users: vehicles operating internationally no longer have to be equipped with a separate on-board unit (OBU) for each country, and only one contract with an EETS provider is needed.

“Because of the high strategic importance of tolling services, we have decided to take over tolltickets completely. Our long-term goal is to establish ourselves among the leading EETS providers. Tolltickets will step-by-step expand its current portfolio to provide white-labelled tolling services for partner companies such as fleet card providers, vehicle manufacturers, or rental car companies.” says Georg Kapsch, Chief Executive Officer of Kapsch TrafficCom.