ERTICO is a partner in the 2ZERO Partnership project LeMesurier , which monitors and supports progress towards zero-emission road transport. The project will measure the KPIs and targets of the 2ZERO partnership projects to assess their impact and contributions to the partnership’s goals. LeMesurier will also provide further recommendations for measurement and evaluation, drawing on lessons learned and best practices from other initiatives, including several ERTICO projects.

The 2ZERO partnership, launched in 2021, has a clear vision: achieving zero-emission road transport by 2050. ERTICO is dedicated to advancing this objective through its clean and eco-mobility focus area, featuring several past projects and current 2ZERO projects concerning emission reduction and electrification in the road sector. These cover private and shared cars, light EVs and micromobility, public transport and freight, with projects like eCharge4Drivers, NextETRUCK, MODALES, EBRT2030 and ZEV-UP. ERTICO is an Associate Member of EGVIAfor2Zero, the private partnership side of 2ZERO, comprising 115 partners, which is driving the progress to clean mobility.

The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) serves as the 2ZERO roadmap for achieving these goals, outlining clear objectives and milestones.  LeMesurier, funded under the 2ZERO Partnership and coordinated by E3Modelling and the Ricardo Group, is on a mission to establish a comprehensive framework for monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of the 2ZERO partnership in achieving its ambitious goals for sustainable road transport research and innovation. The project will track the progress of 2ZERO activities towards the targets outlined in the SRIA, assessing carbon neutrality, air quality, technology leadership, economic growth, European competitiveness or circular economy, among others. This will provide valuable insights into the partnership’s overall effectiveness. The project’s findings will be shared with stakeholders within the road transport sector and policymakers across EU Member States, fostering collaboration to reach its goal. Additionally, the consortium will provide recommendations and methods for further evaluation and analysis, helping to refine and improve the effectiveness of the 2ZERO partnership.

“It is vital to ensure that our activities, as well as those of the ERTICO Partnership and the 2Zero Partnership, deliver real and lasting benefits for the environment and for society. For this, impacts must be measurable, with the progress and contribution towards targets monitored through KPIs”, stresses Andrew Winder, Senior Manager of Innovation and Deployment at ERTICO. “We seek to achieve consensus on measurement, assessment, and evaluation techniques to allow results from different deployments to be more easily benchmarked. LeMesurier is one of the key means by which we will achieve this, in collaboration with the other project partners and the wider 2Zero community”.

Amplifying success through past and present projects

The project’s partners will be in direct contact with the coordinators of the different 2ZERO projects to evaluate their main takeaways and magnify the overall 2ZERO impact. It will also closely link with STREnGth_M, which has several partners common to LeMesurier (including ERTICO). As a support action to ERTRAC and 2ZERO, STREnGth_M contributes to the future of research and innovation in European road transport by supporting six ERTRACWorking Groups and strengthening the link between EU and national actions and roadmaps in Europe.

LeMesurier will also build upon previous results of past projects in related domains. A prime example is the already concluded ERTICO project STORM, a cornerstone initiative within the Transport & Logistics focus area. STORM provided a valuable legacy of recommendations aimed at boosting sustainable, digital, and EU-compliant smart freight solutions. By incorporating STORM’s research methods and tools into its framework, LeMesurier can effectively support transport and mobility researchers and policymakers, ensuring a seamless knowledge transfer and accelerating progress towards a greener future.

ERTICO will actively contribute to elaborating LeMesurier recommendations, disseminating evaluation and monitoring guidelines to projects and communicating progress, achievements and lessons learnt to the wider ITS community.

Our website will be online soon. In the meantime, follow the project’s LinkedIn page to stay updated.