These demonstrations will take place from the 18th to the 20th of May at the ITS Congress 2020, the largest European event dedicated to smart mobility and digitalisation of transport organised by ERTICO – ITS Europe.

Next May, Lisbon will be the scenario of the live demonstrations for some of the leading smart mobility technologies, which will take place in the framework of next ERTICO’s ITS European Congress. 5G Mobix and Last Mile EV Automated Shuttle are two innovative solutions from the Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia (CTAG), and C-ROADS SPAIN is a partnership between Indra and the University of Madrid that the Congress participants can test in the beautiful setting of the Tagus River and its surroundings.

  • Last Mile EV Automated Shuttle is a mobility solution that adjusts its speed based on the predefined speed limits, while also performing a secure ‘stop upon obstacle’ detection. This automated vehicle will follow a circular route near the Tagus River, between two bus stops where people can get on and off the shuttle. Additionally, on this route, two traffic lights will send to the shuttle information on their status and remaining time to change. With this knowledge, the shuttle is capable of accomplishing a smooth stop when necessary. Additionally, two traffic lights will send the shuttle live status updates and remaining change – time giving the shuttle the information needed to come to a smooth stop when necessary.
  • 5G Mobix’s automated vehicle employs 5G core technological innovations. This demo focuses on the capacity of automated vehicles to detect changes between the road and the HD-Map used for driving (with the aid of signals emitted by the road-side infrastructure) and to send these changes to the ITS-Centre to centralize and broadcast this information. This technology can be used to roadmap the path, so that approaching vehicles are aware of new and unidentified obstacles, such as road works.
  • C-ROADS SPAIN is a collaboration that demonstrates how the deployment of C-ITS for autonomous vehicles and the communication between the infrastructure and the vehicle, can improve road safety in Europe. For this purpose, the test site will feature an incident, related to road works, that will be detected by the control center and create a warning in the software for incident management. The C-ITS module (HORUS) will take this information and send it to the Roadside Unit, that will broadcast the event. Finally, this information will be received by the autonomous vehicle, who will perform the recommended manoeuvre (to reduce speed, change lane, or both).

If you are attending the 2020 ITS European Congress, don’t forget to register if you are interested in experiencing the mobility of the future with one of our live demos. Due to the privileged location of the demonstrations, that will take place near the Tagus River, by-standers will get to have a closer look at both mobility solutions.

The Congress will take place in Lisbon, Europe’s Green Capital for 2020, and ERTICO is proud to announce that it will be the first CO2 Neutral mobility event.

The ERTICO’s ITS Congress will feature over 120 exhibitors, 50 countries and 2000 participants, including European leaders specialised in mobility.

The organising team has already been promoting some initiatives. In September 2019, the Open Day “ITS – Changing the Game for mobility solutions” gathered a panel of partners’ representatives such as Deloitte, Brisa, CeiiA, EFACEC and Siemens Mobility.

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