This blog sets up the importance that SCC actions and policies be developed in Central Districts preferably located within middle/large European Metropolitan Areas (EMAs) to optimize economic resources and the dissemination capabilities among European population. 


So far most of the SCC actions and policies have been located throughout cities of various sizes and nature. Cities located in either southern or northern countries, in islands or in continental territories. SCC actions and policies have been implemented in either central or outskirts areas, with exclusive residential uses or with a mixed type of activities. In all cases no specific criteria have been derived concerning the spatial location of these actions and policies.

However, SCC policies desperately need to have more diffusion so to be more easily tested and replicated throughout the European space. Hence, the importance to concentrate these SCC actions and policies in central districts, rather than being disseminated throughout the urban sprawl, to take advantage of their better level of accessibility and their larger stakeholder potential supply. Also, of the capability for the different actions and policies to interact and adapt themselves to a shared urban and innovative environment.

Under this proposed approach, Central Districts should be considered as the key urban spaces to locate and implement SCC actions and policies, not only to enhance their communication and dissemination capabilities but also their holistic understanding among large population samples.   ….read more in the document attached

Original author: RSD