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What are the challenges to have a good database?
UDRIVE partner Clement Val (CEESAR) reflects on three key challenges related to the development and maintenance of a database. How could these challenges be overcome?
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UDRIVE, on display at TRA 2016
UDRIVE was represented at the TRA conference through the use of posters, an instrumented Renault Clio and a small project delegation. UDRIVE had a booth at the European Commission’s stand.
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Loughborough University releases video and press release about UDRIVE
Loughborough University is leading on the UK data gathering along with the University of Leeds, by equipping 30 cars with seven video cameras and a smart camera.
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UDRIVE’s approach to data re-use explained at the FOT-Net Data Stakeholder Meeting
Check out the presentation of Laurette Guyonvarch (LAB-Renault/PSA), which was displayed before a group of experts in March.
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EC features UDRIVE on its online Research & Innovation Infocentre
Texting while you drive? Don’t. Really. Distraction is a leading cause of accidents. The UDRIVE project is studying ‘natural’ driving behaviour in a bid to map a route towards safer, more sustainable road traffic.
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New project to achieve efficient labelling and exploitation of video data
The Cloud-LSVA project launched with its first meeting held in late January in Dublin with an enthusiastic consortium.
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Traffic safety of electric bicycles – a Naturalistic Cycling Study
A large-scale naturalistic cycling study will be carried out in Germany to investigate vehicle usage, speed and road safety of users of electric bicycles.
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First insights into driving patterns of aged people
Ozcandrive, a 5-year collaborative study led by the Monash University has given world first insights into the driving behaviours of people aged 75 and over.
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Upcoming events


Cloud LSVA Workshop
24 May 2016
Neubiberg, Germany
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FOT-Net Data Webinar on Data Sharing
24 May 2016
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11th ITS European Congress
6-9 June 2016
Glasgow, UK
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European Conference on Human Centred Design for Intelligent Transport Systems
30 June – 1 July 2016
Loughborough, UK
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International Symposium of Naturalistic Driving Research
30 August – 1 September 2016
Blackburg, USA
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Michiel Christoph (SWOV) at TRA

UDRIVE video footage from instrumented car

Video capture: Ruth Welsh, Loughborough University

FOT-Net Data Stakeholder Meeting

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