The Greater Manchester local authority is inviting citizens to have their say on a draft long-term transport strategy with the launch of a 12-week consultation.

The consultation, launched by Greater Manchester Interim Mayor Tony Lloyd, gives local people the opportunity to provide their views on the future of travel to support the long-term needs and aspirations of the Greater Manchester region.

The consultation is part of the the Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040, which  sets out long-term proposals to create a cleaner, greener, more prosperous city region through better connections and simpler travel.

The Strategy considers all aspects of travel from local neighbourhoods to global markets and focuses on creating an integrated, sustainable, and a co-ordinated transport system which supports a wide range of different travel needs.

Mayor Lloyd told ‘This is about creating a world-class transport system for the future that will help us realise the ambitions of this great city region of ours.

‘An effective transport system supports a strong economy and it has a major bearing on people’s health and well-being by connecting people and communities, encouraging more active travel and improving our environment.’

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