Because Michelin Challenge Bibendum is a “think and Action tank,” a working paper called “Green Paper” was prepared. Presented at the Opening Ceremony in Chengdu, this document contains key proposals to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility. It includes a number of recommendations based on lessons learned during the 11 previous editions of Michelin Challenge Bibendum and the collaborative work of institutions and partners of the event.

A “Green Paper” result of collective work

Under the theme of “Innovation in mobility, for growth and well-being in town,” the 12th edition of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2014 produced a comprehensive working approach to provide policy makers with applicable solutions. Each issue is addressed in a three-step process:

1. A common diagnosis has been developed during several months by the working groups
2. The solutions and recommendations have been recorded in this collaborative Green Paper
3. A restitution phase with workshops and conferences is organized for industrial policy makers and public authorities at the Global Summit held in Chengdu between November 11 and 14.

A “Green Paper” for concrete solutions for future mobility

Written by experts gathered for the event, the Green Paper, highlights the issues related to the development of an innovative, sustainable and multimodal mobility solutions and has five main challenges:

1. public health problems
2. increasing emissions of greenhouse gases
3. limitation of public expenditure allocated to infrastructure funding
4. traffic congestion
5. the need to provide access to more mobility

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