Brussels – 3 October 2015 – The EU-funded project MOBiNET develops a Europe-wide e-market place of global mobility services for businesses (service and content providers), public authorities and end users. By showing the need for and delivering this e-marketplace, the development of innovative features and key technical components, the MOBiNET project paves the way for the creation of true European-wide Mobility e-market place on which the potential Mobility as a Service (MaaS) could run. MOBiNET will deliver a business model and organisation structure that will become the building blocks for the set-up of the future operational cloud-based e-market place.

The MOBiNET project shows the need for an e-market place for mobility services in Europe by extending the business scope between service providers, and by providing pan-European coverage (same service can seamlessly run in every European country). MOBiNET creates a global multi-vendor business-to-business e-market place and service directory where service providers can publish and exchange their products and services and thereby enhance their offering and customer base. Public and private providers can publish services and data in the MOBiNET Service Directory to a wide and broad community, facilitating the creation of innovation solutions or enhanced exiting service. Lastly MOBiNET delivers a toolkit including core components which can be utilised by developers for new or enhanced service offering.

Currently mobility operators or transport providers negotiate contracts on a one-to-one basis, with no common set of rules on how to engage with other mobility operators on a European level. MOBiNET delivers the technical components, the business models and organisational structure that will become the building blocks required to set up MaaS in Europe.

The MOBiNET project provides proof of concept that it is technically feasible to set up a Europe-wide IT platform with a certain set of rules / terms of reference where suppliers / owners of mobility services can engage in business-to-business activities. The MOBiNET Service Directory is the first European wide mobility operator who will set the terms of reference on how to become MaaS-compliant. As a research project with specific business interest, MOBiNET will examine not only the technical but also the commercial viability of a potential future commercial mobility platform.

MOBiNET calls upon the stakeholders in the transport and mobility-related domains to register for the MOBiNET Provider Community. This Community allows transport and mobility-related content and service providers to publish their data and services in the MOBiNET Service Directory, to engage with the consortium of partners and provide feedback on their user experience. They will also be invited to participate in the consultations on business rules, requirements on technical integration, additional services and components.

MOBiNET @ Bordeaux
At the Bordeaux ITS World Congress, MOBiNET will
• organise live demonstrations of the MOBiNET Platform, functions and services @ MOBiNET stand (hall 1 – stand B95).
• co-organise the ITS Hackathon Michelin Bibendum Challenge, in partnership with the eSafety Aware European project and ERTICO – ITS Europe. Academics, start-ups, app developers and service providers will use the MOBiNET concept and platform to create new services.
• enable the Multimodal Travel Assistant (MMTA) app, on Congress delegates’ smartphones.
• organise the MOBiNET Project Session PR13 “Is there a business case for a universal mobility service market place?” on 8 October 2015 from 17h15 to 18h45.
• present 10 MOBiNET papers at Technical, Commercial and Interactive Sessions.

You will find out all the details at here.

For journalists, the MOBiNET team is offering:
Exclusive interviews with key members of the MOBiNET team
Individual demonstrations where journalists will be able to experience first-hand the value add of the MOBiNET platform, its functionalities and how these contribute to a European-wide deployment of mobility services

To set up an interview, live demo view or any other press inquiry, please contact: Maria De Rycke – MOBiNET Communication Manager –

WHERE: MOBiNET @ ERTICO stand, exhibition hall 1 booth no. B95
Mo 18:45-20:00
Tue-Thu 09:00-19:00
Fri 09:00-14:00

MOBiNET is co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union. It runs from November 2012 until August August 2016.

Project Coordinator
Rasmus Lindholm
tel. 00 322 400 07 39

Communication Manager
Maria De Rycke
tel. 00 322 400 07 40

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