Source:Catherina Hess/

A new Munich housing development has created an e-mobility service so that its residents can rent electric vehicles for their day-to-day travel needs. The builders of the new Domagkpark development, which will house around 4 000 people, opened the e-mobility station in one of the building’s garages late last month.

The service offers residents two electric bicycles, two electric scooters, one electric cargo-bike, and five clean and energy-efficient cars – one of which is fully electric. Solar panels on top of the building power two charging stations in the garage.

Attending the opening was the mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter, who described the project as a role model that demonstrates how the city could cope with its mobility challenges over the next 10 to 15 years. Munich was not only conceptually involved in the e-sharing station.  It also subsidised the project with funding from the city’s e-mobility program and participated in the purchase of the electric bicycles.

The project was realised with the help of Stattauto, a carsharing platform, and Dynamo Fahrradservice Biss, a non-profit cycling organisation. The development also includes a three-storey bicycle parking station for 200 bicycles, with spots for tenants available for € 3 a month.