Several initiatives have been launched in the domain of Localisation* of Interactive Applications by ETSI (European Telecom Standardisation Institute) and the localisation community. All sectors are or will soon be facing critical issues in the localisation of their applications and services especially the ITS industry.
The ETSI Technical Committee “Human Factors” is performing a technical study for the definition of a future standard regarding “context dependent multilingual communications for interactive applications”. The study focuses on the localisation of highly interactive applications based on context variable where it is physically impossible to plan for every potential combination of these variables into sentences.

An industry specific group was created last August to cover all standards and guidelines needs regarding all localisation* aspects for all industrial sectors. This group is taking over the efforts of LISA the former Localisation Industry Standards Association which closed down last year.

You can participate in the industry study and future standards for all localisation issues* and contribute to the design of the next generation solutions for quality localisation.

For more information please contact Jean-Marc Bournazel ETSI member – Technical Study rapporteur and Innovation manager – WhP International.

(*) Note: To avoid any confusion “localisation” refers to the process for adapting an application into languages or countries different than the original ones for which they were created. It implies not only the linguistic translation of dialogues or phrases from one language to another but also the adaptation of idiomatic and cultural characteristics.

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Original Publication Date: Mon 12 Sep 2011