ERTICO strengthens its commitment to sustainable urban mobility with the launch of a new EU co-funded project, ZEV-UP. Led by ERTICO, ZEV-UP aims to redefine urban transport by introducing a zero-emission, user-centric electric vehicle. Equipped with a unique swappable battery, the vehicle developed by the project will also be modular to meet different needs.

Launched under 2Zero, a co-programmed partnership funded by the European Commission to accelerate the transition towards zero-emission road transport in Europe, ZEV-UP will develop a new Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) prototype to boost the adoption of electric vehicles in advanced and emerging markets. This new zero-emission mobility solutions will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission in the transport sector and will support the European objectives defined in the Fit-for-55 package of curbing CO2 levels by 2030 and becoming climate-neutral by 2050.

A new zero-emission vehicle concept

ZEV-UP will propose a frugal zero-emission vehicle concept, with three vehicle variants tailored for the transport of passengers and goods. The primary variant is a compact two-seater car designed for urban usage. The two additional variants will make use of a longer wheelbase; the first one will accommodate four passengers, while the other variant can be used for commercial purposes thanks to a dedicated loading area for goods, and two seats for passengers. The ZEV-UP vehicles are designed for increased sustainability, using common parts for all variants, lighter materials, as well as alternative manufacturing methods and optimised design. All vehicles will have a swappable battery to increase the vehicle’s range or energy. This will also contribute to the affordability of the vehicles, as the battery, one of the most expensive parts, will not be owned by the user.

To ensure real-world viability, all ZEV-UP variants will be tested in real conditions in Budapest and Istanbul. The demonstrations will be carried out in different conditions and various environments to ensure user acceptance and evaluate the design of the vehicles and the technological innovations developed by the project.

Off to a promising start

As coordinator of the project and leader of communication and dissemination activities, ERTICO was delighted to host the official kick-off meeting of ZEV-UP at its newly inaugurated offices in Brussels on 8 and 9 February. Representatives from the 17 project partners convened to launch the first project activities and align vision for the initial phase. Eric Cerneaz, Project Officer at CINEA (European Commission) was also present for this first important event.

“ZEV-UP is not just a project, it is a catalyst for positive change with zero-emission battery electric frugal cars with swappable batteries to enhance everyday life. We are committed to delivering a future where sustainable urban mobility is accessible, affordable, and desirable for all,” commented Emin Aliyev, ZEV-UP Project Coordinator and Project Manager at ERTICO.