18 July 2015

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Highways Agency to become ‘National Rail of roads’
with the Agency being charged with implementing it. As a result of the reforms, contained in a Command Paper published by the Department for Transport, the spending will be guaranteed by legislation protecting the country’s roads from any future cuts.

Monorail and the future
Jakarta Post
With a sensible revised masterplan with monorail links as a key part of future traffic movements these new building plans should be able to integrate their transport needs with all the comforts of modern structures, which in turn should embrace the

Could Unicycles Be the Future of Urban Transport?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
How will people get around in the next decade or two? A number of companies are betting on a boom in bicycles, electric cars and scooters, especially in cities where cars can be more of a hassle than they are worth. In some cases, though, even two

Alternative transport plan aims for less cars, much more rail
The Auckland Transport Blog and youth movement Generation Zero have put forward a comprehensive plan for how they see the future of getting around Auckland and it’s gaining a following. Using a series of stylised maps akin to the classic London