Transport analytics. Driving efficiency reducing congestion getting people where they need to go faster

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Transport – the effective movement of people and things – has long been critical to economies and qualities of life worldwide. Inefficiencies cost money increase pollution-causing emissions and take time away from people’s lives. The problem is the supply of transport infrastructure grows more slowly than demand. Cars can be built more quickly than roads. Cities grow faster than highways can be expanded. Even if there were a limitless supply of money and personnel for road construction many areas are already built out. That is why the transport industry is turning to business analytics to find smarter ways to use the resources that exist reduce congestion and improve the travel experience. Just think of how monumental the impact would be if every person could get where he or she needed to go or find a parking spot five minutes faster each day.


Main author Geraldine Lievre Chief Technology Officer International Transport and Government Xerox.

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Original Publication Date: Mon 30 Jul 2012