22 November 2013

New Zealend Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee released yesterday the draft version of the Intelligent Transport Systems Action Plan which builds on the discussions Ministry officials had with relevant stakeholders earlier this year.

The action plan explains the government’s strategic context and leadership role. It takes a high level multimodal, multi-agency approach to the introduction of new intelligent transport system technologies.

While New Zealand is already leveraging some intelligent transport systems, the Minister said it is important to introduce a coordinated way of integrating them so as to get the greatest benefit for New Zealand.

“Traffic control centres in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch rely heavily on technology to gather information on traffic conditions, adjust traffic signals and provide real-time information for travellers in order to operate the network efficiently. These systems deliver real-time congestion information to road users, and are increasing the carrying capacity of the Auckland motorway system by using motorway ramp signals.”

He added that the Ministry of Transport will be leading the public consultation to emphasise the government’s strategic aims and identify and remove barriers to the introduction of the intelligent transport systems.

Information about the draft Intelligent Transport Systems Action Plan consultation can be found on the Ministry of Transport’s website. Submissions close on Friday 17 January 2014.

By Clarice Africa. See