Earlier this month Matthias Unbehaun was appointed  the new TISA designated Executive Director. He will work with Bev Marks current TISA Executive Director until the end of 2012 when Mr Marks will step down from the role.

Matthias Unbehaun stated that “it will be a challenge to step into the rather large footprint that Bev has in the TISA world but I am looking forward to working with him and dealing with future TISA challenges”.

Bev Marks said: “I am delighted that TISA has been able to arrange a long period when Matthias and I can work together and with our colleagues in the Executive Office to provide a smooth transition that will ensure continued development of TISA Member services”.

This appointment completes the management team in TISA following the General Assembly in May when Thomas Kusche from WDR was elected President and Dave Francis INRIX was elected Treasurer.

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Original Publication Date: Wed 25 Jul 2012