TISA Committees Meetings to take place in Berlin

On 7 and 8 December 2011 TISA Member Bosch will welcome TISA Members in Berlin for the TISA Committee Meetings.These meetings will give Members the opportunity to discuss existing and new use cases and to assess the status of the ongoing work in the various Working Groups and Task Forces. Additionally each Committee will hold discussions on specific topics of strategic importance for TISA. In particular the Content and Service Provision Committee will discuss the current digital radio landscape in Europe while the Technical and Standardisation Committee will discuss how direct cooperation with the car to car industry may contribute to a better harmonisation of standards. Finally the Product Committee will see how TISA products could be shared with a wider community of organisations as from next year. Being the last Committee Meetings of the Year 2011 the December Meetings will also be the appropriate timing for the Executive Office to give an overview of the 2012 events and to invite the Members to already save some key dates.

4th TISA “Traffic Flow Q-bench” Meeting

The TISA “Traffic Flow Q-bench” Task Force chaired by Carsten Lux (BMW) and aiming to build a standard tool for independently assessing the Quality and Accuracy of “Traffic Flow Information” provided by different service providers held its fourth meeting in Brussels on 10 November 2011.During this meeting further feedback from the Australian experience of TISA Member Intelematics helped to narrow down some of the issues introduced in the earlier meetings and to better separate the issues related to the usage of the Q-bench tool from those simply requiring fine tuning of the regional parameters. A plan to build-up guidelines for Ground Truth testing and to integrate variations caused by the digital maps into the assessment process was also discussed. A follow-up meeting will be held on 16 December 2011.

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Original Publication Date: Fri 25 Nov 2011