At the Smart City Pavilion in Montréal, the City of Copenhagen invites you in to discover a little piece of urban life in Copenhagen. The idea behind the booth is to create a corner of Copenhagen where Smart City solutions are exhibited. In collaboration with the partners of the booth, Dynniq, Technolution and Enrix, Copenhagen will visualise how ITS is employed to create a greener, smarter and more liveable city. A responsible city with quality of life for its citizens. The City of Copenhagen has in fact established a Smart City department named Copenhagen Solutions Lab, and it works across the municipality to support the development of ITS.

The booth will be divided into two areas. At one side, the Smart City solutions already implemented in Copenhagen are displayed. At the other side, a lab called “How SMART are you?” for the display of future concepts, prototypes and in the search for new ideas.

The European Pavilion (stand 1217) is powered by ERTICO – ITS Europe, and will showcase some of the biggest names in Intelligent Transport Systems in Europe. Exhibitors on the Pavilion include the European Comission, Topos Aquitaine, ENGIE, Dynniq, Cityway,  The Eurometropole of Strasbourg, Freshmile, Pôle Véhicule du Futur cluster and Knot. This is also the place to book your exhibition space or become a commercial partner for the 2018 ITS World Congress in Copenhagen. You can also download the Commercial Partnership and Exhibition Brochure here.

From ERTICO’s side three activities will be present on the European Pavilion: Inlane, Cloud LSVA, and CAD – supported by CARTRE. These three projects are funded by the European Commission with the aim to improve automated driving by looking at lane-level navigation (inLane), video annotation (Cloud LSVA), and connected and automated driving (CAD).

Come and join us for a coffee on the European Pavilion to find out more about these exciting projects and what we have in store for the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen next year.