NNG announced its new solution, developed in partnership with Dacia. Designed to serve drivers who may not have access to onboard connectivity for content updates, the new solution lets Dacia customers maintain and upgrade their onboard navigation systems via a smartphone app.

The Dacia Map Update app lets drivers select, purchase, and download the latest regional content packages directly to their mobile devices via the app. Users then simply connect their phone to the vehicle, open the app, and upload the selected map packages directly to the Dacia Media Nav. The smartphone app, a new addition to the navigation solution offered by NNG, will provide Dacia customers with easy access to a large selection of map packages.

The demand for connected mobility services and accurate, up-to-date maps is growing globally.” said Balázs Bodorkós, Director of Product Management, NNG. “Providing simple, feature-rich, and cost-effective map updates to vehicles without onboard connectivity has long been a challenge for the industry. It has been a great pleasure to work closely with Renault Group to build a solution that answers this technological challenge and improves the ownership experience of the nearly 3 million Dacia vehicles equipped with NNG iGO Navigation.

The Dacia Map Update smartphone application is available now for Android devices in the Google Play Store, with Apple device support to follow. The app supports Dacia Vehicles featuring Media Nav devices with Android Auto capabilities.

Source: Dacia Partners with NNG to Offer Dacia Drivers Smartphone-Based Map Updates