HERE data scientists have uncovered the true average speed of vehicles on major highways throughout the world versus the average posted speed limit. As you will discover, actual speeds differ enormormously from city to city and actual speeds tend to be based on the efficiency of the road networks rather than the law.

According to the National Motor Museum Trust, back in 1896 Walter Arnold of East Peckham, Kent, was the first person in Britain to be charged for speeding. He was ticketed one shilling for traveling a whopping 15kph (9mph), exceeding the 3kph (2mph) limit at the time.

While we don’t dispute the significance and road safety benefits of maintaining speed limits, this blog post is for the Walter Arnold in all of us, for those who’ve been stuck in rush hour traffic on the highway muttering ‘I can walk faster than this!’

HERE data scientists harnessed the power of the company’s Real-Time Traffic product to analyze the average speed of vehicles versus the posted speed limits on highways around London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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