Rick Clemmer, NXP Semiconductors president and CEO, explained in an interview to the CNBC that the focus of the company is on “secure connections for the smarter world”.

The future presents opportunities for the company to help building smart cities where cars would not only ‘talk’ to the infrastructure, but also among them. Along this lines, Mr Clemmers says: “By providing the connected car vehicle-to-vehicle communications, you can know what safety hazards there are and reduce the number of accidents”

Earlier this week, NXP announced a follow-on investment in Cohda Wireless, a Software specialist for automotive safety applications. By doing so, NXP reinforces its commitment to drive the rapid global adoption of V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure) technology, allowing cars to communicate with one another and to the surrounding intelligent traffic infrastructure by wirelessly exchanging real-time warning messages and traffic information.

Major highlights in NXP’s V2X innovation track record include the introduction of the innovative V2X chipset family, RoadLINK™, which integrates Cohda MAC/PHY firmware as well as an NXP hardware security module to protect consumers and the industry against illegal hacking and cyber-attacks.