On 29 October, TomTom organised a conference titled “OpenLR™ Location Referencing” in Bergisch Gladbach (Germany) where organisations from the navigation, automotive, device and location based services industries met to discuss issues related to the OpenLR location referencing standard. OpenLR™ (Open Location Reference) is a license-free standard that ensures that the original location reference results in the same location on a receiving device or system, even when a different location referencing method or map is used. OpenLR™ is developed by TomTom as a method to encode, transmit and decode location data, irrespective of the digital road network used.


TISA President Thomas Kusche (WDR) produced an ad-hoc video that can be viewed below.




Speakers at the conference included Ralf-Peter Schäfer and Dr Sven Baselau from TomTom; Jonas Jäderberg, Viati; Ondrey Hluchy, Sygic; Oliver Jesorsky, Elektrobit; Olaf Vroom, NDW; Dr Ralf Kohlen, VMZ Berlin; and Dr Hubert Rehborn, Daimler.


Amongst the over 90 participants there were Teun Hendriks (Clear Channel), Co-chair of the Technical and Standardisation Committee within TISA and Member of TISA Steering Board and Thomas Rothe (GEWI), Chairman of TISA’s TMC location table release Committee.


Several industry experts presented a variety of topics and projects surrounding OpenLR™ including acquisition of public data, TPEG implementation, and methods to increase the success rate of accurately matching between different maps.