As time moves forward, CO-GISTICS is getting closer to reaching its goal of higher energy efficiency and more sustainable mobility of goods through the use of cooperative services and intelligent cargo.

Since April 2016, the pilot site in Frankfurt, Germany has successfully been operating the ECO-drive support services, while also monitoring and estimating the CO2 emissions. At the end of June, the pilot expanded to include CO-GISTICS LCMM services.

Along with seven freight forwarders, there are 50 different vehicles participating in this pilot. Since April, there have been 87.178 KM and 2.496 hours of driving logged and calculated over 760 trips. All data gathered by the LCMM App for standard Android devices. Raw data and enriched calculations are also sent to the project validation database in Vigo, Spain.

This is a strong pilot programme that is steadily moving forward with helping CO-GISTICS reach its goal of helping improve people’s lives through transport.

For more information on the Frankfurt pilot site, contact Pascal Huther, HOLM