IMG_20160310_142744OPTICITIES* organised a study visit in the city of Lyon (France), one of the six pilot sites of the project. The visit took place on 10th March and gathered together project and associated partners, and external stakeholders from many EU countries.

The following solutions developed and tested in the framework of the project were demonstrated:

  • Lyon Métropole Traffic Management centre
  • Multimodal travel planner
  • Real-time car pooling
  • Seamless service continuity between smartphones and in-car navigation system
  • Road data creation: urban network mapping

Considered as a reference project for CEN and ISO in the field of Urban ITS OPTICITIES is one of the most innovative ongoing projects which the ITS Observatory would like to collaborate with and use as reference data for many of its features. The six pilot sites – Lyon, Wroclaw, Birmingham, Madrid, Gothenburg and Turin could potentially appear on the European map for ITS Deployment, the solutions tested within the project could be included in the section “applications/solutions” and presented together with results and lessons learnt from the implementations in each site. Moreover, The Observatory through its knowledge market place section could help the OPTICITIES forum to grow and increase its visibility. The two projects can collaborate in many other aspects which will be further explored and defined within the next few months.

Recently the OPTICITIES partners took lead in new mobility services cluster initiative set up by DG MOVE. The aim of this initiative is to promote the adoption of specific technologies and services that have proven their worth to EU researchers and demonstration cities and to encourage their large scale rollout in cooperation with regional innovation clusters. ITS Observatory will follow the progress of the cluster and will liaise with OPTICITIES partners in order to support their work and communicate/promote their results.

The presentations from the study visit are available on the OPTICITIES Stakeholder Forum . The forum is created to gather experts from the ITS world and ensure a long term link with them. ITS stakeholders (Cities, industries, academics, experts, networks, organisations) are invited to consult project deliverables and presentations on Open ITS System, Decision Support Tools, Traveller Information Services and Freight Information Services. It takes one minute to register! If you are interested click here.

To see the full summary of the study visit download the document below:

OPTICITIES study visit_ ITS Obseravtory March 2016

*OPTICITIES is a EU co-funded project under the FP7 programme intending to develop and test interoperable ITS solutions in six different cities in order to provide urban citizens with the best possible journey conditions and to optimize urban logistics operations.