HERE plans to enter into a strategic partnership with Pioneer, the global car electronics company, to deliver global mapping solutions and next generation location-based services to the automotive and other industries. Crucially, the partnership will allow HERE to extend its mapping coverage to Japan for the first time.

By linking their complementary mapping and automotive technologies and assets, HERE and Pioneer plan to enable fully integrated global SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition) mapping solutions at a scale and quality-level unmatched in the industry.

The aim: to support new innovations for customers in in-vehicle infotainment and autonomous driving as well as in any industry where location intelligence can be applied.

HERE and Pioneer’s mapping subsidiary Increment P Corporation (IPC) intend to use each other’s SD map data in existing and future products and services, with HERE data able to support IPC’s global customers, and IPC’s map data able to support HERE customers in Japan.

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