A new bill passed in the Polish senate has written into law the right of people with reduced mobility to access public transport with assistance.

The government will adopt an amendment to the Road Transport Act which implements EU regulations obliging Member States to provide people with reduced mobility with adequate assistance at bus stations and terminals.

The amendments will affect cities of more than 50 000 residents, with bus transport systems that cater for more than 500 000 passengers a year, and are more than 50 per cent owned by the local government. Falling within this bracket are 21 bus terminals including ones in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Rzeszów and Lublin.

The extra assistance will be free of charge and includes supported transit from waiting areas to buses, support entering and exiting buses, securing a seat, shifting luggage and any help with assistance animals.

The amendment introduced in Polish law is in line with EU legislation on the rights of passengers with reduced mobility that have been implemented in the Member States since 1 March 2013.

Original author: Alexia