The SAFE STRIP consortium met for a two day plenary meeting (22 & 23 October 2018) hosted by CERTH-HIT in Rhodos, Greece. The 2 day plenary saw many lively discussion and interesting presentations from the project coordinators, work package leaders, as well as many task leaders. Many administrative points of the project have been discussed, especially the M18 pending deliverables which have now been submitted for peer-review and will be officially submitted to the Commission beginning of November 2018.

Many technical aspects of the project have also been discussed as the consortium prepares for the mid-term project review in January 2018 as well as the newly elected Scientific Advisory Board meeting in December 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. In terms of dissemination, upcoming 2019 year will be an exciting for SAFE STRIP as several conferences are planned including the ITS European Congress 2019 in the Netherlands as well as other more specific sensors conferences that will be confirmed later on. The next cluster meeting will SAFER-LC and SAFE-10-T is also planned for February 2019. More information on the cluster meeting will be published soon on the website.