Flickr: ECF

Flickr: ECF

The provincial government of Walloon Brabant is planning to develop a 1,060km cycling network over the next 10 years. Currently municipalities across the province have developed cycle paths within their own territories, but these are not integrated well and safe cycling across the province is difficult.

The province is therefore giving €1.5 million to municipalities to work on joining networks together through constructing new stretches of cycle paths.

The concept is inspired by the cycling network in Flanders, which is organised around a number of ‘nodes’ which offer cyclists the ability to switch between different modes of transport.

Some 230 of these intermodal nodes are planned in Walloon Brabant’s network. Work has already begun on the development of the network, as 5,000 signs marking out the routes will be installed in spring. As well as the infrastructure improvements, a smartphone application for cyclists using the network will be developed in parallel.

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