The FOT-Net Data project consortium would like to remind that the FOT-Net Data International Workshop on Data Sharing will be held on Sunday 7th of September, right before the 2014 ITS World Congress. It will focus on discussing problems and solutions for FOTs and data sharing between Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. Click here to register for free.

Objectives of the workshop

There is a need for the different regions (Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America) to cooperate on common FOTs issues, such as data handling and sharing, methodology and deployment. FOT-Net has established an international network of FOT organisers, aiming to tackle common working issues and foster cross-region cooperation.

This workshop aims to exchange information on FOTs and data sharing between the three regions, discuss problems and solutions for data sharing and provide recommendations for a global data sharing framework. In this workshop we will have discussions in small groups, addressing either more technical questions or more organisational questions. This workshop is meant for everyone interested in data sharing, people working in FOTs, decision makers in private and public organisations, data experts and transport researchers.


 About FOT-Net Data:

The EU research project FOT-Net Data supports the efficient sharing and re-use of available FOT (Field Operational Tests). Sharing collected valuable datasets from the recent years will yield further research results, create new collaborative options, general financial and time savings in transport research and contribute to market introduction of improved vehicle ICT.

FOT-Net Data continues the networking activities of the FOT-Net project.