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From 4 to 7 June Ireland will showcase the world’s most sophisticated Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) as Dublin hosts 1800 guests for the 9th ITS European Congress. The Congress one of the largest events for Intelligent Transport Systems and Services in Europe has been organised by ERTICO – ITS Europe in close cooperation with the European Commission. It is being hosted by ITS Ireland Dublin City Council and the Irish Department of Transport Tourism and Sport.

The four-day Congress focuses on sustainable cities and the challenges of sustainable mobility especially with regards to traffic management public transport parking and road safety. 

Registration is now underway and a review process is being finalised for technical paper and special sessions. 

To register please visit the Congress website!

The online interactive timetable is now available on the Congress website with the full preliminary programme being unveiled at the end of March. 

The Dublin congress follows the successful ITS World Congress in Vienna in October 2012 (over 10000 participants) this European Congress offers a platform to develop relationships to initiate discussions and to conclude deals; the backdrop being some fantastic ITS trends opportunities and achievements in European markets. 

During the event public authorities city representatives and users will be able to discuss best practices and look at how ITS applications and policies can be implemented in different situations.

One  key topic will be the promotion of the “smarter travel” concept. Raising awareness on specific behaviours is crucial as these behaviours can influence everyone’s travel choices. One such behaviour is the thoughtful pre-evaluation of which means of transport to use to reach one’s destination in the shortest possible time and considering safety and environmental impact. 

Exchanging ideas experience and knowledge is central to the 9th European Congress and the event is fundamentally about connecting Europe’s various regions with strong expertise in certain areas and other regions in need of partnerships and information. 

ITS plays an important role in job creation in the “smart economy” and the congress topic “Competitiveness through Innovation” will focus on current business models as well as on future intelligent transport services. A multitude of high- profile speakers will stress the importance of investment in research and the development and deployment of existing applications.

To register please visit the Congress website!


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Original Publication Date: Thu 14 Mar 2013