Renault Group will be at the French trade fair for mayors and local communities to present its full range of services and solutions for French communities from Renault Pro+, Mobilize and HYVIA.

Renault Pro+ will present its choice of offers and vehicles for communities. This specialist network is meeting local authorities’ needs with converted vans providing fittings and accessories suited to each requirement.

The possibilities that Renault Pro+ will feature at the stand:

  • Trafic Van E-TECH
  • Kangoo Van E-TECH converted into a tipper pick-up
  • Kangoo E-TECH VP

The services offered are mainly aimed at guaranteeing their mobility, including checks within the hour, extended workshop opening hours and courtesy vehicles for professional use.

The Renault Pro+ network is present throughout France, with more than 110 certified sites, to guarantee local authorities quality maintenance and repair operations as close as possible to their areas.

Mobilize: turnkey and tailored solutions for cities, regions and people

Easing congestion, reducing pollution and moving back into public areas; enabling mobility in rural and other scarcely populated areas. With its station-based and free-floating car-sharing services – Mobilize Share and Zity by Mobilize –, Mobilize has an answer for every need in every city, however big or small. Duo, Mobilize’s compact electric quadricycle, will be on show at the stand, and be available for car-sharing operators, businesses and communities that want a shared fleet, or a less carbon-intensive one, by end-2023. Also by end-2023, Mobilize and its partners will offer urban logistics professionals a choice of eco-responsible solutions to deliver goods or provide services in cities (a wide range of vehicles on leases or subscriptions).

Encouraging electric mobility and facilitating access to charging solutions. The Smart EV Charging Places service analyses an area and its electric vehicle users’ habits to map out the best strategy to set up charging points. Mobilize Power Solutions, a specialist in tailored charging solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles, advises authorities and helps them fine-tune master plans for charging infrastructure.

Anticipating and/or prioritising road revamps.
With its partner Logiroad, Mobilize provides two services to help towns and cities lower maintenance costs and improve road safety: Smart Road Monitoring, to assess road quality in order to optimise refurbishment work. Safety Road, to identify accident-prone spots in order to prioritise safety upgrades and assess subsequent impact.

HYVIA: Master City Bus H2-TECH, Europe’s first hydrogen urban minibus

This zero-emissions urban minibus can carry up to 15 people about 300 km and takes 5 minutes to charge. It will be made in France and on roads by mid-2023, and has already been listed in France’s leading public procurement platform (UGAP).

The distribution network for Master City Bus H2-TECH is coming together throughout Europe, with partners including PVI (France), MELLOR (Sweden, Norway and Finland), TRIBUS (Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Luxembourg) and QIBUS (Italy). Its first customers to run pilot programmes include RATP Dev, a prominent passenger transport player in Europe, B.E. GREEN, a pioneer for zero-emissions bus leasing in France, MILLA, which is leading the way for autonomous buses in France, and STROOMLIJN, a public transport specialist in the Netherlands.

Source: Renault Group