The final report of the workshop on “Standardisation of EV wireless charging” is now available here. This workshop was organised by the FABRIC project in the framework of the International Electric Vehicle Conference held by the Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) on 18 December 2014 in Florence, Italy.

The goal of this workshop was to bring together leading experts from industry, policy makers, automotive manufacturers and relevant standardisation bodies to discuss the latest developments in the field of inductive charging for electric vehicles focusing on standardisation issues. The workshop aimed not only to review the current status of any relevant standardisation effort but to highlight the steps needed for any related action.

The event opened with an introductory speech from the FABRIC project coordinator and workshop co-chair, Dr. Angelos Amditis, who welcomed everyone, informed the attendees about the overall workshop’s objectives as well as the topics to be presented by the rest of the speakers and proposed a list of issues to be discussed during the dialogue session that was scheduled to take place at the end of the workshop. Subsequently Prof. Joachim Taiber, from Clemson University, talked about a testbed located in the Southeast of the US that was built up to support the wireless charging of electrified vehicles. During his speech, first experiences in the development of such a testbed were provided while suggestions were made with respect to standardisation aspects of wireless charging, particularly in context with in-motion wireless charging and road electrification.

More information about this event including all presentations is available here: