Our cities are systems of extraordinary technological and human complexity. Their balance and sustainability is threatened by the increase in population and the scarcity of resources. Massive urbanization threatens the environment, while climate change and natural hazards put persons and property at risk.

Connecting the city by designing and deploying systems that are able to transfer information between multiple actors is key to make our cities more sustainable: climate-resilient, energy efficient and attractive for people and businesses.

In this context, the Sense-City project aims to accelerate research and innovation for the achievement of truly sustainable cities. The focus of the project is on micro and nano sensors.

The project will develop a “climate mini-city”; a mobile environmental enclosure of 400m² capable of hosting realistic models of the main components of the city ( buildings, infrastructure, distribution networks, etc.).

For more information, visit sense-city.univ-paris-est.fr


Original source: IFSTTAR

Illustrations : Érick Merliot, Ifsttar