The Saudi Arabian capital city of Riyadh has entrusted the Trapeze Group with supplying a state-of-the-art Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) which will provide Automated Vehicle Management and Real Time Passenger Information systems for the public short-distance passenger transportation by bus in the city of Riyadh.


Riyadh is the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and of the province with the same name. The city has a population of approximately five million inhabitants, and across the Province of over six million. Riyadh is the country’s business, government, financial and cultural hub.

The authority in charge of urban development of Riyadh, the High Commission for the Development of ArRiyadh, ArRiyadh Development Authority (ADA), is currently planning and developing a trend-setting public transport system on the basis of international standards. As a first step, the (partially) underground metropolitan railway network with six routes is currently under construction. Secondly, it comprises of a network of new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes which ensures fast, convenient and cost-effective mobility. A total of 22 new bus routes constructed in three different phases are to be serviced by 880 new buses.

Order awarded to Trapeze Group
Following a lengthy selection procedure that spanned over two years and included tough competition from companies around the world, ADA entrusted Trapeze with supplying, installing, maintaining and starting up this new integrated solution for controlling the public bus transport services. Trapeze will be assisted with the supply, implementation and maintenance of this project by a range of local and international recognised subcontractors.

New operations control system and new on-board computers
This new control system comprises all of Trapeze’s core competencies with planning tools, operations control technology, fleet monitoring and business management systems. Trapeze is additionally supplying a comprehensive passenger information system, including the Operational Traffic Control Centre (TCC) and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems at the bus stations and stops. Furthermore, Trapeze is offering its Eco-Driving functionality, which supports drivers in adopting an energy-efficient and comfortable driving style.

After commissioning, Trapeze is to support the system during ten years. Appropriate resources are to be established for building and maintaining the system both locally in Riyadh and at Trapeze’s competence centres in Switzerland, the UK and in North America.

Benefits for passengers and public transport authority alike
The Trapeze system is to help to improve the efficiency of both fixed-route and flexible public transport services in Riyadh. Passengers can benefit from shorter trip times, improved on-time services, extensive passenger information and greater comfort. Thanks to efficient fleet management and the use of cutting-edge web-, network-, voice- and data communication technologies, the new system stands to offer crucial benefits to the other public transport modes such as the new metropolitan railway system and the bus feeder lines.

The Project in Riyadh is scheduled to commence in early 2015, and is expected to last for approximately three years. With the award of this contract, Trapeze Group is entering a new market and strengthens the company’s position in this exiting geographical area as well as in the global marketplace.


Image 1: Public urban transport services are currently only available to a very limited extent and handled by diesel-fuelled buses, which share the traffic lanes with the much preferred private traffic. King Fahd Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Image 2: Concept of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station along one of the 22 new bus routes. Besides a state-of-the art urban public transport the dynamic passenger information at the stop, in the vehicles and via internet/mobile phones is a crucial factor in the new BRT network.

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