Not one to be left out of a trend, Instagram has followed the recent spate of single-use apps with its own standalone time-lapse video app called Hyperlapse.

The app facilitates timelapse videos for publishing on Instagram through a simple and direct interface for capturing longer-form content opportunities. The user downloads the standalone app, and can immediately begin recording. A handy count next to the record button logs how many seconds have already been recorded – and on the other side, the app shows exactly how long this video will be once sped up.

For added creativity, the app allows the user to select and play with the exact speed of the timelapse – making the name ‘hyperlapse’ more fitting as the speed ramps up.

Hyperlapse has already unleashed a large amount of creative tests by brands and users alike, and has an immense potential upside for travel brands. Unlike Vine – which was limited to 6 seconds – the videos are not length constricted. This liberates all kinds of uses for travel brands looking to showcase place, creating brand magic, and deliver a different perspective on the destination.

In addition, the app’s algorithm makes it more stable to do longer timelapses via mobile – it’s a smooth ride, and it mostly eliminates the jumpy edginess of mobile video.

From place setting to inspiring journeys, here are a few of the first tests of Hyperlapse in travel, demonstrating just how fun, engaging and surprising the new medium can be.

Download Hyperlapse here.

Original author: Nick Vivion