The Municipality of Roquetas de Mar has begun the preliminary work in developing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP).
Through the Department of City Management, and in collaboration with Transport Consortium Almería and the Andalusian Energy Agency, Roquetas de Mar aims to establish a new balance between the efficiency and sustainability of transport within the municipality.
The SUMP process is divided into four phases: the preliminary gathering of information; the analysis and diagnosis of the current situation; the developing and refining of the plan; and the public presentation, and plan implementation.
The initial phase, to be completed in January 2015, will see the city conduct a series of surveys and data collection amongst its citizens to determine transport demands. Via telephone polls, members of the public will be invited to provide input in the fields of traffic, public transport, parking, walking and cycling.
Eloisa Cabrera, Deputy Mayor of Roquetas de Mar, said that the SUMP ‘aims to encourage the use of more sustainable forms of movement such as walking, cycling and taking public transport in our everyday movements as an alternative to the widespread use of private vehicles.’
Original author: Alexia
Photo (by Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz)