The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed an agreement with Swaidan Trading Company to trial an environmentally friendly hydrogen bus in Dubai’s climate and operational conditions. The agreement was signed by Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency, and Swaidan Al Naboodah, Managing Director of the Company. This initiative is part of RTA’s efforts to provide sustainable, eco-friendly public transportation.

Bahrozyan stated, “We are pleased to sign this agreement to trial and experiment with the first hydrogen bus in the Emirate of Dubai in cooperation with one of the leading national companies in the field of supplying buses according to international specifications and standards. This partnership will help us measure the benefits and performance of the bus. RTA will seek feedback from the driver and customers to identify areas of continuous improvement and provide innovative solutions to enhance bus passenger service in the Emirate of Dubai.”

Bahrozyan added: “The hydrogen bus is equipped with a fuel cell system from the Chinese company Zhongtong Bus Holding Co. Ltd. These buses represent a sustainable future for transportation in terms of technology and environmental impact, as they rely on hydrogen as a fuel source for long-distance travel. Hydrogen is known for its unique properties – it is lightweight and has three times the energy density of diesel fuel while producing no harmful environmental emissions.”

He mentioned that they will test this type of bus on urban roads in the emirate. They will also check if the hydrogen bus suits the climatic conditions in Dubai. The experiment will involve testing the challenges and opportunities related to the production and supply of hydrogen fuel in the emirate in coordination and cooperation with all partners, mainly the hydrogen supplier ENOC. This ensures the bus operates sustainably and integrates fully with Dubai’s environmental mass transport system.

Source: Roads & Transport Authority – News Details