The SCOOP@F final event will take place in Bordeaux, France on 20 and 21 November 2019. The international seminar will cover the final results of project SCOOP@F and C-ITS deployment perspectives in France.

SCOOP@F is the only C-ITS deployment project in Europe built from scratch on a cooperation between road operators and car manufacturers, which has faced all the real life challenges of privacy, security, industrial processes, procurement, compliance assessment and interoperability.

Among the highlights will be:

•    The final evaluation of project SCOOP@F, including user acceptance, benefits in terms of road safety and congestion, assessment of organizational, health and legal impacts, and a technical evaluation of the system,

•    A demonstration of the fully hybrid solution developed in SCOOP@F,

•    Cross-tests performed with Austria, Spain and Portugal,

•    The hybrid security architecture developed in the project,

•    The European harmonization performed in the C-Roads Platform,

•    The new services, including logistics services, urban services and services for automated vehicles developed in the related projects C-Roads France, InterCor, InDiD.

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More information on the event and registration will follow soon.