Work is underway in the Portuguese Municipality of Setúbal to widen footpaths, lower curbs and strengthen surface materials, with the aim of making it easier for pedestrians to get around.

€ 42 397 has been invested in the works, which local leaders hope will not only contribute to a more sustainable mobility mix but improve the city’s image as well.

Through the removal of architectural barriers, the municipality intends to improve the current situation for those with reduced mobility and visual impairments. New tactile pavements, which use a grooved surface to alert people with visual impairments of their approach to potentially hazardous areas, such as busy streets or changes in the level of the footpath, will also be implemented.

Additionally, bollards will be erected to prevent illegal or problematic car-parking from inhibiting walking. The work is scheduled to be completed by January 2015.

In the near future, Setúbal plans to link various parts of the city through a series of walkways, further bolstering the popularity of walking as a mobility choice.

Original author: Alexia