End-user opinion for a successful outcome

Becoming a benchmark for more efficient, safe and sustainable mobility in urban transport requires citizens’ engagement to meet their concerns and adapt to their needs. Public involvement is key in the development of SHOW’s demos. For each pilot, baseline measurements are performed before, during and at the end of the activity, enabling monitoring of consumer’s requirements. By considering the particularities of the environment and the users, it is possible to enhance the results of the actions.

As part of SHOW’s effort to improve mobility and, thereby, the quality of life in urban areas, potential beneficiaries can express their concerns in a publicly accessible pre-acceptance survey.

 Your opinion can help to improve the development and deployment of shared automated and connected mobility. Fill out the survey through this link.

SHOW project at ITS Congress

SHOW partakes in different activities to bring its objectives and advancements closer to the public and stakeholders. Between May 30 and June 1, SHOW will be present at the ITS European Congress, held in Toulouse. 

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