VRA speakers participated to the “SIP-adus Workshop on Connected and Automated Driving Systems” organised in Tokyo (17-18/11/2014) (http://www.sip-adus.jp/)

The Workshop was organised in thematic sessions:


Additional details are available on the official workshop webpage.

The VRA speakers participated to the following sessions:

Dynamic and integrated database of road network and surroundings
Dr. Maxime Flament, Head of Sector SafeMobility, ERTICO-ITS Europe, Belgium (presentation)

Perception of driving environment through communication
Mr. Christian Rousseau, Strategic Expertise Executive Leader, Corporate Strategy and Plan Division RENAULT SAS, France (presentation)

Next generation transportation systems with automated driving technologies
Dr. Adriano Alessandrini, Centre for Transport and Logistics, the University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy (presentation)

Sharing roles between driver and vehicle system
Dr. Ebru Burcu Dogan, Researcher Institute of Decarbonized and Communicating Vehicle and ITS Mobility (VEDECOM), France (presentation)

Contribution of automated driving technologies for safety, efficiency and mobility
Mr. Alvaro Arrue, Project Manager ITS, Electronics Applus IDIADA, Spain (presentation)

All the presentations of the Workshop are available on the official Sip-adus webpage


Original author: Davide Brizzolara