During Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy, Siemens is serving as the strategic partner to Enel for delivering the intelligent grid technology that supplies the world’s fair with electricity. For Italy’s largest power company, Siemens developed the energy management capabilities for this smart grid. Siemens software makes it possible to monitor and optimize power consumption for the entire Expo grounds from a computer screen at the control center – or from anywhere via smartphone. This also includes the lighting and air conditioning at the national pavilions. In addition, Siemens is enhancing the world’s fair grounds with international art: Four monumental sculptures commissioned by Siemens and designed by Daniel Libeskind Studio were installed at the Piazza Italia, a central promenade.

The sculptures by the architect and urban designer Daniel Libeskind are 10 meters high and weigh 14 tons. At their highest point, their wings also span 10 meters. Each sculpture breathes life into the Piazza Italia – with sounds and a constant flow of pulsating patterns and images that connect with Siemens’ key topics: the future of manufacturing, sustainable energy and intelligent infrastructure.

Expo 2015 is taking place in Milan from May 1 through October 31. As the Smart Energy Partner for Expo Milano 2015, Enel is responsible for distributing the electricity at this event. For the visitors and building operators at the Expo, the company decided to present the most advanced technology for supplying cities with electricity: a smart grid. To enable operation of the smart grid during this period, Siemens is making intelligent software available along with a variety of services for grid users. In addition, Siemens supplied the accompanying medium-voltage hardware – from switchgear, battery storage system and measurement instruments all the way to remote-control systems.

A conventional power grid would have primarily focused on supplying the world’s fair with electricity safely and reliably. The smart grid offers more than that: Siemens developed an energy management system based on cloud technology. This approach enables Enel’s energy managers to monitor and optimize the supply of energy across the Expo grounds and in all buildings – from their control center and via Smartphone. The operators of the various national pavilions are also able to control the energy consumption, lighting and air conditioning systems for their specific buildings via smartphone. In most of the pavilions, Desigo – a Siemens system for automated building management – ensures a healthy indoor climate while minimizing the buildings’ operational and energy costs.

Original source: Siemens