A recent article by Nicholas Hellen in The Sunday Times reveals that the speeding actually lists as the first cause of road fatalities in the UK after drivers failing to look properly and loss of control. This new insight is based on a novel crash reporting system by the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) and indicates that speeding causes three times as many road deaths as previously thought. 

In the decade for Road Safety (2021-2030), the United Nations has settled the ambitious plan to prevent at least 50% of traffic deaths and injuries. The European Commission is working to contribute to this goal. Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) systems will be mandatory from July 2022 in all-new models/types of vehicles introduced on the market, following the General Vehicle Safety Regulation. This live-saving technology helps control the car to the speed limit by informing the drivers, warning them when exceeding it and even intervening by reducing fuel injection. 

ISA is aligned with TN-ITS innovation platform, devoted to enhancing road safety and efficiency throughout Europe by harmonizing advanced road data exchange and update mechanisms between road authorities, mapmakers, and service providers, advocating for the standardization of digital speed limit information and coordination among EU Member States.