ERTICO is excited to welcome another innovative city to its Partnership. The city of Thessaloniki is working on a sophisticated mobility management system, which includes intelligent parking, urban mobility and traffic management. Thessaloniki has set ambitious goals for the future regarding mobility with sustainability being a top priority. The expansion of its partners for innovative and effective collaboration schemes was the city’s first priority towards impactful growth.

“Thessaloniki’s quest to become a leader in intelligent and sustainable mobility could only be sustainable through close collaboration with ERTICO. We hope that together we can initiate the dynamics of the city using your expertise and knowledge to promote bottom-up innovations and bring state-of-the-art concepts, which will transform the urban fabric of the city. We value ERTICO’s established network of cities, research centres, with a target to provide solutions that serve citizens along with the academia”, says Orestis Trasanidis, Innovation Consultant at City of Thessaloniki.

This new collaboration opens ERTICO’s network to yet another important player. Cities are a core focus of the ERTICO Partnership and this new Partner brings ERTICO one step further in its Urban Mobility Strategy. The City of Thessaloniki will benefit from an extensive network of smart mobility players, an open exchange within the ERTICO Public Authorities Platform, training opportunities with the ERTICO Academy and an advantage of the newly launched ERTICO City Moonshot.