T-Systems has become the latest automotive IT services provider to join the eSync Alliance.  With over ten years of experience and more than 30 million vehicles worldwide under management, T-Systems is a European leader in connected car services operations. T-Systems provides automakers and suppliers with a broad range of digital products, including over-the-air platform and integration services, its Hypercube suite of vehicle software, service and platform solutions, and lifetime vehicle cybersecurity.

By joining the eSync Alliance, T-Systems leverages a unified platform for secure, efficient, and scalable over-the-air updates, ensuring automotive solutions remain at the forefront of technology, while also reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. This alliance not only enables T-Systems to enrich its product offerings but also strengthens our position in the automotive market, aligning perfectly with T-Systems’ business targets of growth, innovation, and leadership in the digital transformation journey. Through this partnership, T-Systems is set to deliver unparalleled value to their customers, driving forward the revolution in automotive connectivity and digital services.

Jeyakrishnan Kalidoss, Product Manager of T-Systems Hypercube Suite, said: “Joining the eSync Alliance represents a pivotal step forward in harnessing the collective power of industry leaders to pioneer the next wave of automotive innovation. This collaboration is not just about advancing technology; it’s about creating a unified ecosystem where every vehicle on the road can be smarter, safer, and more efficient. The eSync Alliance is where helps and brings industry leaders to collaborate and create the future of automotive connectivity.”

T-Systems is an excellent example of how a standardized over-the-air communications pipeline can benefit so many connected car services. From over-the-air update integration to software development, autonomous driving, and vehicle security, eSync technology has a role to play in facilitating these important areas of growth for T-Systems. I look forward to seeing how the T-Systems team deploys our technology for its own benefit, and that of the industry.