Intelligent mobility thrives in Montréal, Canada’s epicenter of cutting-edge innovation in transportation. The “Connected City” takes center stage this October 29-November 2 as host of the 24th Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) World Congress.

Presented by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITSA) in conjunction with ITS Canada and co-organized by ERTICO-ITS Europe and ITS Asia-Pacific, ITS World Congress 2017 is the preeminent gathering of global leaders in intelligent and transformative transportation. Showcasing the importance of smart transportation in everyday life, the event highlights the efforts of smart cities to create efficiencies and improve safety through the implementation of advanced transportation options.

By shining a spotlight on Montréal, a city that celebrates its 375th anniversary this year, ITS World Congress takes attendees on an inspirational journey through a high-tech hub in a series of #THISisITS Technical Tours, exploring innovative advancements of a modern, multifaceted transportation system.. The tours, available through registration for the event, add incredible value to an already invaluable conference attracting worldwide participation from the transport, automotive, telecommunications, and technology sectors.

Some tour options include:

Go behind the scenes in Canada’s smartest city. Register for ITS World Congress 2017 today and take advantage of unique opportunities to explore Montréal behind the scenes: