The ERTICO Innovation Platform, Traffic Management 2.0 (TM2.0) is an open group of 30 public and private traffic management and mobility service market stakeholders who join forces driven by the common vision to “Enable vehicle interaction with traffic management”.

Current navigation systems in the vehicles use traffic information to provide singular route advices to the drivers, missing however the information related to traffic circulation strategies, traffic regulations or prioritized routes put in place by the Traffic Management Centers. This is especially the case when notable events are foreseen (planned or unplanned), such as important sport or cultural events, demonstrations, constructions or public transport strikes, but also when specific plans need to be enforced, e.g. in cases of smog warnings, evacuation alerts, or low-emission zones.

The members of the TM 2.0 Platform believe that the future of traffic management is to combine intelligently the individual driver objectives (individual users’ optimization) together with network wide management strategies (system optimization and equilibrium) in a win-win scenario.

As part of TM 2.0 activities Task Force 1, “Viability analysis and recommendation”, is reviewing and developing viable concepts of cooperation and business models aiming at the delivery of traffic management and mobility services, benefiting from the interaction between “vehicle” and “traffic manager”.

To participate in a TM 2.0 benefits evaluation exercise please fill a web survey by clicking on the links below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

With this survey exercise we aim for a better understanding of the of the users of the services and expected benefits for each of the stakeholders and actors involved in the delivery of these services. The results of this research survey will help to shape TM 2.0 viability analysis and support the recommendations to the platform.