Hotel brand Novotel is investing in some organic babysitting with a new tech-enabled “Kids Corner” that will engage young minds with tech-centric furniture.

The company has engaged Humelab to design and deploy its smart touch furniture in Novotels worldwide, creating a digital engagement area for guests’ children.

The tables have touchpoint faces that offer multiple engagement opportunities, as showcased here in the video:

In the announcement, the partners – all from France – highlight the following aspects as most compelling:

The products developed by the French company HUMElab integrates the requirements of performance and quality expected by the hotel group:

A professional quality product highlighted by finish quality at the level of the brand and an optimized design focused on the use. Operational issues with the organization of an international logistics network and multilingual customer service.

This offer is based on a convergence of expertise in both industrial, technological and design. The quality control of production, combined with different strategic collaborations (Intel, Microsoft and LG). The design simple and attractive make this evolution of the TABATA 32 inches as a reference on the market for touch tables.

Furthermore, the content that young users will have access resolutely playful with multiple creative edutainment and the blockbuster Angry Birds applications that attracted millions of children worldwide!

More from Humelab here.

Original author: Nick Vivion