The city of Oslo aims to make the city a safer and greener place by reducing car traffic by 30% in 2030. Already, the number of car trips in the city of Oslo is surpassed by the number of public transport trips. Prioritizing public transport is key to the city’s ambitions.

Technolution Move, together with Aventi, will develop, implement and maintain a system that provides conditional priority to busses and trams at traffic lights. The new system expands and renews the room for manoeuvre and makes it possible to set more criteria for how travel by public transport becomes smoother and more reliable.

Oslo holds a strong position as one of the greenest capitals in the world. The city centre is almost completely car-free, and with close to zero fatal accidents among pedestrians and cyclists, it is also one of the safest cities in the world. For Oslo to maintain this position and attain its ambitions for 2030, public transport needs to be seamless, flexible and reliable.

The core functionality of the system that Tchonolution will implement will be provided by MobiMaestro®, the traffic management platform developed by the Dutch tech company Technolution Move. The interfaces to the Oslo traffic light controllers will be based on the open Road Side Messaging Protocol (RSMP) that is used throughout Scandinavia for controlling traffic lights and other roadside equipment. The use of open standards like RSMP prevents vendor lock-in and offers the city flexibility for future upgrades of the system.

‘We are thrilled that with the use of RSMP we will deliver a sophisticated Public Transport Priority System for the City of Oslo, Viken Region and the National Public Road administration. We are looking forward to jointly with all the involved partners deliver a system that will contribute to the livability of the Oslo Region’, says Danny Vroemen, Sr. International Business Developer of Technolution.