ENSEMBLE, one of ERTICO’s flagship projects in the field of Transport and Logistics, is coming to an end in March this year. ENSEMBLE, which stands for ENabling SafE Multi-Brand pLatooning for Europe, is an EU co-funded project that started in June 2018.

For more than three years, ENSEMBLE has achieved significant results for the advancement and implementation of truck platooning technology in Europe. From mono-brand to multi-brand truck platoons, the importance of the adoption of platooning technology is connected to its potential benefits in terms of environmental challenges and increased safety for truck drivers. In particular, the results achieved so far have highlighted the technical feasibility and industry capability to define two platooning levels: Platooning Support Function (PSF) allows quick deployment and, last September, it was demonstrated on public roads with a seven-truck platoon; Platooning Autonomous Function (PAF), which represents the middle way between a support function and a fully automated vehicle, has been researched only in theoretical terms because certain required autonomous driving solutions are not available today. The inclusion of PAF is intended to give the ENSEMBLE Partners’ vision of the future of Platooning.

ENSEMBLE’s goals are in line with ERTICO’s vision for the achievement of seamless logistics and freight transport and particularly the achievement of full digitalisation and automation of freight and logistics operations. However, ENSEMBLE went beyond the technology development efforts and included other targets in its research. Socio-economic impacts and the exchange of expertise have been studied as key factors when dealing with transport interoperability and connectivity in the mobility sector.

The project’s research and achievements are the results of collaboration between the project partners in the ENSEMBLE consortium. ERTICO-ITS EUROPE is one of the members, together with international partners from the automotive sector, European OEMs and suppliers. The variety of this group allows the creation of synergies with partners sharing their knowledge and developing a common ground for further standardisation.

Don’t miss the final event on Thursday, 17th March 2022. Further details on the impact studies and the research results will be shared and it will be an occasion to discuss the achievements of the project with high-level experts and speakers. Mark this day on your agenda!


ENSEMBLE is co-funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (grant agreement No 769115).