ERTICO: Can you describe your activities in the ITS field?

Mircea Cotoros: The COOPERS project (Co-operative Systems for Intelligent Road Safety) is one of our best examples of ITS projects. The aims were to enable co-operative traffic management involving vehicles and infrastructure in order to increase the overall road safety on European motorways.

SAFE SEA NET realised for the Romanian Authority had as an objective the realisation of an integrated European solution destined for monitoring the naval traffic for preventing and managing maritime accidents.

RoRIS (Vessel Traffic Management and Information System on Romanian Danube) aimed to implement and to integrate the pilot system for Danube Naval Traffic Management at several levels: local regional national.

112 Emergency: we are currently implementing the “GIS Romanian Road Infrastructure” for the Romanian Authorities.


ERTICO: Why have you joined ERTICO?

Mircea Cotoros: Having regard to our activities in the ITS sector and the ERTICO project activities focused on a business approach to Intelligent Transport Systems and Services we have considered it a prior necessity to join.

After the accession of Romania to the EU in 2007 there are several aspects which need to be acted upon in terms of technologies and EU requirements. ERTICO could successfully deliver by its Partners’ portfolio expertise.


ERTICO: What are your expectations for this partnership?

Mircea Cotoros: As I’ve previously underlined it is quite important for us to have the possibility to exchange knowledge on ITS arguments with ERTICO experts to participate in deployment and EU initiatives and to develop our relationship with the EU institutions.


ERTICO: Are there any projects activities or sectors that you are particularly interested in?

Mircea Cotoros: Almost all ERTICO activities are definitely highly interesting for us but a particular focus I would put on the eCall Implementation Platform Road safety attributes exchange infrastructure in Europe and TISA.

Mr Mircea Nicolae Cotoros Manager of the Brussels Branch of TeamNet International – Group Asesoft Romania 

Company Profile:

TeamNet is a company specialised in software application development and implementation based on the latest technologies.

Short biography:

Since its establishment in 2001 and until now TeamNet member of the Asesoft group is one of the most important companies on the software systems integrators market in Romania.

TeamNet is also among the few private companies in Romania which has been involved in vanguard research in the 6th Framework Program of the European Commission. Through involvement along with Asesoft in integrated solutions development of projects financed by the EU (PHARE Structural Funds ISPA and the World Bank) TeamNet has strengthened its position as a software solutions supplier on European standards.

Wishing to offer its clients the best software TeamNet conducted a series of strong partnerships with prominent organisations in the IT & C area: Microsoft Oracle ELO SAS IBM.

TeamNet offers its clients the most adequate solutions necessary to improve efficiency productivity and performances in business:  

  • Consultancy
  • Development software solutions  
  • Implementation of IT solutions  
  • Competent personnel training
  • Professional assistance in the exploitation of the IT systems  
  • Warranty maintenance and post-implementation support
  • Professional services of project management
  • Integrated systems platforms and technologies


TeamNet has a large amount of experience regarding the implementation of complex systems in different sectors: e-Government Public Administration Energy and Utilities Oil and Gas Banking Agriculture Land Register Environmental Protection. Applications developed by TeamNet in this area have been implemented on a large number of clients both in public and in private sectors.


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Original Publication Date: Wed 10 Nov 2010